Case Studies 2

Directory Listing Case Study #1
Lawyers often get cases from former clients passing the word to friends and family in search of competent legal representation. But even the most successful law firm has times when LeadPro can come to the rescue, helping to boost their client base and bring new and different cases into their practice.

Like in the case of family law attorney Alexis S. Since 1995, Alexis has had a thriving practice in the Bay Area. “After years of litigating cases, I decided it was time for a change of scenery,” she said. So Alexis notified her current clients, packed up and moved her busy office to a new city. “I needed to cultivate work in my new hometown, and LeadPro helped me do that.”

Within weeks of Alexis’ ribbon-cutting ceremony, she was receiving calls from potential divorce and custody clients eager to retain her services. “Registering with LeadPro expanded my business potential by introducing a new crop of clients to my services.” Alexis is well on her way to an exciting and vital practice in her new environment. “LeadPro really works!”

Directory Listing Case Study #2
“After graduating from Georgetown Law School, I decided to take a chance and branch out on my own as a sole practitioner lawyer.” P. Ruzzo took a courageous leap of faith and opened his own firm specializing in small business/transactional law. Mr. Ruzzo is his own boss, sets his own hours and takes the cases that he really wants to take. But how is Mr. Ruzzo going to find clients in today’s extremely competitive legal world? LeadPro – that’s how.

LeadPro makes it easy for consumers to directly contact an attorney who is experienced in handling their type of case. “I was able to set up several consultations with potential clients in the first week of being listed on LeadPro. This exclusive directory offers firms a foundation that will be able to feed customers to their businesses on an ongoing basis. It’s not a one-shot deal, but something a firm can count on consistently. “I let LeadPro be my marketing director. The future looks bright, thanks to LeadPro.”

SEO/Web design Case Study
“Marketing a business in today’s Internet-based economy proved challenging. Our company’s new website was conceived and launched nearly one year ago, but growth, although steady, was moving at a snail’s pace. We needed help finding a way to bring more customers to our site. We’d heard through the grapevine about LeadPro and agreed to give them a shot at solving our web marketing problems. Bringing LeadPro on board was one of the smartest business decisions our organization could have made. LeadPro evaluated our position on the web, redesigned our page and calculated how they could immediately drive more traffic to our site by strategically placing content that elevated search engine rankings. Incredibly, new customer inquiries started pouring in, and our website’s search ranking became to climb on Google. In just one month, we saw a significant increase in visitors, resulting in our product sales and service numbers skyrocketing! Working with the very knowledgeable and visionary team at LeadPro has made all the difference in the world! Thank you, LeadPro, for all that you’ve done for our company.”

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