Web Services

Our web design and development team is in the thinking business. Actually, make that strategic thinking. Before one finger touches a key, their left-brainers along with their right-brainers have been thinking ahead about every aspect of the assignment, and planning the best way to get to the desired goal.

They’re also in the business of what’s now, what’s new and what’s next. Which means they’re constantly figuring out ways to use cool tech-y tools to keep your brand and business fresh and relevant and connected to your audience.

Website Design & Development

Our web development & design team has created hundreds of websites for a variety of clients – many in the legal field – both domestically and internationally. Some of them are names you know; others are small businesses and start-ups on their way to greatness. And they make it a point of honor to deliver on time and on budget.

Something else you should know. Most of their business comes from client referrals. We’re really proud of that.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a popular, efficient and effective way to drive traffic to any event, issue or product your firm or organization may be trying to promote. This is the first step toward driving that traffic or just raising awareness of whatever it is you need attention driven to.

Take advantage of this service and the opt-in lists you may already own (or purchase) to get your message out to large groups of potential clients.

Landing Page Design

Our development team has years of experience working on email creatives, banner ads, landing pages, and more. No matter what you are trying to promote there is an attractive and efficient way to do it. But is it effective? If you take advantage of all the concepts and details that make “good” landing page design, the answer is yes.

Your firm or company will be able to drive traffic to your landing page via email creative, keywork or adword campaign, etc. to promote the desired action of your target group.

Corporate ID/Branding

As trained designers, first love is – and always will be – design. And when it comes to your corporate identity, that passion gets refined into simple, elegant solutions that last. After all, you’re going to be living with your corporate identity for a long, long time, so it had better be timeless.

You will be proud of your new brand representing your practice or business.

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